MathSci Synergy Activity – Learning the Science behind projectile motion

Science behind projectile motion

Projectile motion is an example of conservation of energy and overcoming gravitation force. Students in Primary 6 gets to learn about how to explain objects moving through the air by engaging in activities such as playing with the simulation, experimenting with a launching toy rocket of different masses. Students would then learn to collect and evaluate data that they obtained to derive relationship between the various quantities that affect the motion.

Start of day theory lesson

The teacher would introduce the Scientific principles through the handout provided and the sharing of some videos of the said content.

Learning with simulation

Before the actual experiment, students get to try out the simulation which helps them to appreciate what could be the factors that affect the actual launch of the projectile.


After understanding the various parameters that could affect the motion, students get to try it out through the use of toy rockets of different masses.

Evaluating the result

The results are tabulated and the teacher would then spend time going through the results and answering some of the key questions of why the results could possibly deviate from what was tested during the simulation.

Prize presentation

The student with the best launch and the most correct answer to the questions is presented with a token of appreciation for their effort.

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