Who are we?

We are a dedicated team of educators who specialises in Mathematics and Sciences. The team is jointly led by the Founder of Path Finder Tuition, Mr Leon Lo, and the award-winning Mathematics specialist Mr Haz Muhammad.

MathSci Synergists

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Leon Lo YiYang

Founder, Path Finder Tuition

Principal Educator (Science)

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Hazreen Muhammad


Principal Educator (Mathematics)

MathSci Educators

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Ms Regina

Senior Educator (Primary/Secondary)

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Ms Jerraine Peh

Senior Educator (Primary)

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Mr Yong ZiHui

Senior Educator (Primary/Secondary)


To develop and deliver engaging and effective lessons that synergise Mathematics and the Sciences in the most effective way to promote successful learning.


To be the education leader who pioneers meaningful learnings of Mathematics and the Sciences through building key connections between the two subjects.

Why are we unique?

We weave the connections not just deliver lessons.

Traditional tuition only teaches the subjects separately. We bridge the gaps that make learning Math and Science easier.

We have educators who are experts in both fields, not just one.

Teachers that only specialised in either Mathematics and Sciences often struggles to explain the relevancy of the two subjects. In the end, they forced students to memorise which is less effective.

We have principal educators that curate and oversees the programme.

Most tuition centres run programmes which follows a blanket approach. However, we have core educators that are constantly finely tuning the programme to continue to make them relevant and effective.

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Mr Leon Lo

The founder of Path Finder Tuition. He has been teaching Mathematics and Sciences for the past 16 years. He believes in going back to the basic and bringing the students through the experience by going through the content together with the class. He strongly believes that there is no weak learner but only learners who have given up. Owning to his experience in Republic Polytechnics, he often fused his lessons with Problem based learning approach with makes the lesson more effective. 

His experiences include:

  • Physics Olympiad trainer at Bukit Panjang Govt High School and Anderson Secondary.
  • Associate Lecturer at Republic Polytechnics.
  • Existing author of learning material Science guide books for Singapore Asia Publisher (SAP)

Mr Hazreen Muhammad

Mr Haz is an award-winning educator. He taught Mathematics and Science privately across primary and secondary levels since 2010. In 2013, he started teaching for the Mendaki Tuition Scheme and specialised in Mathematics. During this time, he achieved back-to-back awards and was featured in the Berita Harian. 

His ability to link concepts clearly across the foundational and advanced levels of the MOE Mathematics syllabus has enabled his students to master and appreciate the subject more effectively. 

He believes in empowering students to be self-motivated lifelong learners using his personal GROW model:

G – grit
R – reflective
O – ownership
W – well-being

His experiences include:

  • Back-to-back Outstanding Tutor Award winner (2016 & 2017)
  • Curriculum Developer for Mendaki’s Mathematics curriculum review 
  • Head Tutor for a Mendaki centre
  • Relief teacher for high ability class at Admiralty Primary School
  • MPA Maritime Ambassador (Youth)



Ms Regina

Regina is a Senior Educator at Path Finder Tuition who specialises in Mathematics. She graduated from SIM with a major in Economics with Second Class Honours. 

She personally believes in lifelong learning and always strives to make her lessons interactive to facilitate effective learning. She utilises a range of learning tools tailoring to the needs of her students.

Her past experiences includes:

  • Coaching students in Maths Olympiad, DSA and IB. 
  • Developing course materials to help students promote from NA to Express Mathematics.

Ms Jerraine Peh

Jerraine is a Senior Educator who specialises in Science. 

She graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree (Distinction). She has 5 years of teaching experience in coaching the subject and has been able to generate many AL1 students during her term with the centre. 

Be it Math or Science, she believes in igniting students’ curiosity and passion in learning by guiding them with questions and real-life examples. While she is at it, she always makes it a point to bring students back to answering important questions in a structured manner that is easy to follow.

Mr Yong ZiHui

Mr Yong has been teaching Sciences for Primary and Secondary levels for the past 5 years. Through his years of experience, he develops learning materials that have been effective for the class. Owning to his effectiveness, he has been able to help students improve their grades by 2 grades from their last examinations.

He believes in explaining the structure of open-ended questions and mapping them effectively to the answers required. 

He always aims to promote positivity in class and is patient in dealing with challenging students. He also believes in clear communication which is essential to helping students achieve academic success.