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Math-Science Synergy: Enhancing Your Academic Journey

Understanding the Value of Combined Learning

Have you found yourself grappling with science concepts due to gaps in your maths knowledge, or vice versa? At Math-Science Synergy, we recognise the value of studying these two fundamental subjects in tandem. Our integrated approach offers students a comprehensive grasp of both disciplines, ensuring that neither remains a weak link in your academic journey.

Facing Challenges in Math and Science?

You’re not alone. Many students feel the pinch of mastering these subjects separately. By combining them into one synergistic learning experience, we make the journey smoother and more cohesive. Understanding the real-world applications and intersections of these disciplines can transform daunting concepts into relatable, tangible ideas. With our integrated approach, we aim to spark curiosity and build confidence, ensuring that every student not only comprehends but also enjoys the process of discovery.

Presenting: The Math-Science Synergy

Immerse yourself in our specialised 2.5-hour sessions that cover essential topics from both subjects, allowing for a deeper understanding and appreciation of each.

How Did We Combine Them?

Integrated Curriculum

Our curriculum designers meticulously interwove key maths and science concepts, ensuring that as students learn one, they're simultaneously introduced to its applications in the other.

Real-world Applications

In our classes, maths isn't just numbers and formulas. We present it in context, showing how mathematical concepts are directly applied in scientific research, innovations, and everyday scenarios.

Collaborative Learning

We encourage group projects and discussions that require students to apply both maths and science knowledge, fostering a holistic understanding.

Expert Educators

Our teachers are not only well-versed in their individual subjects but are also trained in the integration of maths and science, ensuring they can guide students seamlessly between the two disciplines.

Comprehensive Sessions

These 2.5-hour deep dives are curated to maximise content coverage and interactivity, giving students ample time to absorb, question, and apply the intertwined concepts from both maths and science.

Tools and Resources

We've developed exclusive educational tools and resources that highlight the synergy between maths and science, providing students with hands-on experiences and practical exercises to bridge the two subjects.

In essence, our approach isn’t about teaching two subjects side by side; it’s about merging them into a unified, cohesive learning experience.

The Premier Math-Science Synergy Experience

Integrated Approach for Comprehensive Understanding

Traditional classes often segregate subjects, leaving students with a disjointed understanding. However, with our combined maths and science classes, you'll grasp the interconnections between the two, solidifying your foundation in both.

Overcome Traditional Challenges

Traditional teaching methods usually address subjects in isolation, which might result in mastery in one while having weaknesses in the other. Our synergistic learning experience eliminates these challenges, offering a smoother educational journey

Dual Learning at Singular Pricing

Experience unparalleled value as you delve into the world of maths and science. Our bundled courses mean you get the depth and breadth of both subjects without the additional financial strain. Pay for one, but receive the comprehensive benefits of two. Your budget, and your brain, will thank you.

Tailored Curriculum

Learning is most effective when it aligns with your interests and goals. Our curriculum offers modules that are designed to cater to varied academic aspirations. Whether it's the logical allure of Math-Physics, the organic mysteries of Math-Biology, or the reactive world of Math-Chemistry, you have the power to choose the combination that best serves your academic trajectory.

Efficient Scheduling

Time is an invaluable asset. Our structured schedule merges vital lessons, reducing the need for separate travel and prep times for each subject. This not only means fewer commutes but also more contiguous learning periods, ensuring that you can immerse yourself fully in the subjects at hand.

Science Classes Often Lack Math Foundations

Many science courses don't adequately integrate essential mathematical concepts, leading to gaps in understanding. With our unified course, the intricacies of maths are weaved into science concepts, ensuring a complete grasp.


Traditional courses might be rigid in their structure. We offer flexibility, allowing students to transition between combined courses and individual subjects based on their learning needs.

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Exclusive Offer for Our Dedicated Learners

MathSci Synergistic Programme

The MathSci Synergy story

Traditionally, Science and Mathematics have always been taught separately to allow more focused learning in each subject.  However, it was often noticed that students struggled in the Sciences not because of the lack of understanding of the Science concepts, but rather due to the lack of understanding of the underlying Mathematics used to explain the theory. This not only caused these students to lose interest in Science but also caused them to lose the interest to work with Mathematics, which soon would then become meaningless.

How do we overcome such challenges?

The MathSci Synergistic Programme (MSP) jointly founded by Mr Leon and Mr Haz is the solution to this problem. Traditional tuition classes only address each subject individually. Often, the Science teacher himself/herself might not necessarily understand how to explain the Mathematics behind the Sciences. It is similar vice versa. As such, it becomes difficult for students to learn. 

At MathSci Synergy, we deliver lessons that help individuals to overcome the challenges in Mathematics prior to reviewing the Science content. Ultimately, they grow into confident and successful learners of both subjects.

Why MathSci Synergistic Programme?
  1. Learn key Mathematics concepts that enhance the understanding of the Sciences
  2. Focus 70% of the time learning insightful content, not 100% of the time on only practices 
  3. Flexible option to do practices on separate booster sessions (not compulsory)
  4. Achieve better results by learning algebraic manipulation and data/trend analysis to support explanation-type questions in the Sciences

MathSci Synergists

Untitled design(105)

Leon Lo YiYang

Founder, Path Finder Tuition

Principal Educator (Science)

Untitled design(108)

Hazreen Muhammad


Principal Educator (Mathematics)

Hear what our parents and students say:

Francis Yong

Parents of Amelia Yong P4 Math and Science

Leon who teaches Maths, is extremely patience and inspiring instructor. He provides constructive feedback on the child’s performances.He transformed one weakness to strength.
Mr Yong, Science teacher displayed passion and a great mentor. He shared with me about my child performance progressively. His dedication and consistency surpass my expectations.
My child is motivated and tells me both teachers are way much better than before. Also, witnessed a jump in her confidence level and in her academic performance.
Thank you to Leon and Mr Yong.

Judy Seah

Parents of Claire Goh Sec 3 Chemistry and E Math

My daughter's experience with math and chemistry tuition here has been truly transformative. Thanks to the dedicated teaching of Mr Leon, she has not only shown remarkable improvement but has also developed newfound interest in these subjects. Mr. Leon is a dedicated teacher who consistently goes the extra mile to ensure the success and growth of his students.


Student of A level Physics Class of 2022

Under Mr Lo, I improved from an E in RI’s promos to an A in the A-Levels. His explanations were very clear and helped me strengthen my foundation for weaker subjects. His realistic exam strategies also helped me come up with a more effective study plan. Finally, he answered the questions I Whatsapped him with extensive explanations, and the selection of questions in my practice worksheets helped me gain confidence over a range of topics!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The MathSci Synergistic Programme (MSP) is suitable for:

  1. Students who are looking to improve answering techniques for Science questions.
  2. Students who want to understand Mathematics applications in real-world problems.
  3. Students who have good basic understanding of both Mathematics and Science.

MSP would be conducted by our MathSci Synergists, assisted by our MathSci Educators.

Time/Duration: Once a week, 2.5hrs per session

We believe that maths and science are deeply interconnected. By learning them together, students can develop a holistic understanding, allowing for better retention and application of concepts.

Each integrated session lasts for 2.5 hours, providing ample time to delve into both maths and science topics effectively.

While our main focus is on the combined courses, we do offer standalone classes. Reach out to our admissions team to discuss a plan tailored to your needs.

The 50% discount applies to the total fee for the integrated course, making it a cost-effective choice for those looking to master both subjects.

We believe in focused learning groups. Our class sizes are kept small to ensure each student receives personalised attention and can actively participate.

There are no strict prerequisites, but we do offer an initial assessment to better understand your academic standing and guide you to the most suitable course combination.

Yes, students have access to our online platform which includes additional resources, practice tests, and forums to discuss with peers and instructors.

We aim to provide flexibility. If you wish to make changes to your course enrollment, contact our administrative team to discuss available options.

All Senior and Principal Educator are highly qualified teachers who have minimum a university degree.

In-house content curator by the principal educators.

Topics taught is always arranged by the centre. We would be making the discretion of what order they should be taught in order to benefit ALL students.

Students can attend the duplicate class for the same week. However, this is subjected to availability of class and the student is responsible to inform the centre soonest possible. However, in the event if that cannot be done, the student would receive the video recording and lesson material to do self-learning. He/she can clarify the content during the free 1-1 session for each month.

The centre follows all school holiday according to the MOE calendar. This is except for March, June, September and end of year holiday where the centre would run special programme in preparation for the term ahead. Apart from that, there would also be designated end of term holidays.

May – Last week of May

October – 2nd- 4th week of October

December – 3rd to 4th week of December

For the designated holiday, pro-ration of fees would be provided. No make up lesson would be conducted.

Master Math and Science: Start getting top marks in as little as three months without juggling multiple courses BY TAKING THE NEXT STEP with our integrated approach.

Mr Leon Lo

The founder of Path Finder Tuition. He has been teaching Mathematics and Sciences for the past 16 years. He believes in going back to the basic and bringing the students through the experience by going through the content together with the class. He strongly believes that there is no weak learner but only learners who have given up. Owning to his experience in Republic Polytechnics, he often fused his lessons with Problem based learning approach with makes the lesson more effective. 

His experiences include:

  • Physics Olympiad trainer at Bukit Panjang Govt High School and Anderson Secondary.
  • Associate Lecturer at Republic Polytechnics.
  • Existing author of learning material Science guide books for Singapore Asia Publisher (SAP)

Mr Hazreen Muhammad

Mr Haz is an award-winning educator. He taught Mathematics and Science privately across primary and secondary levels since 2010. In 2013, he started teaching for the Mendaki Tuition Scheme and specialised in Mathematics. During this time, he achieved back-to-back awards and was featured in the Berita Harian. 

His ability to link concepts clearly across the foundational and advanced levels of the MOE Mathematics syllabus has enabled his students to master and appreciate the subject more effectively. 

He believes in empowering students to be self-motivated lifelong learners using his personal GROW model:

G – grit
R – reflective
O – ownership
W – well-being

His experiences include:

  • Back-to-back Outstanding Tutor Award winner (2016 & 2017)
  • Curriculum Developer for Mendaki’s Mathematics curriculum review 
  • Head Tutor for a Mendaki centre
  • Relief teacher for high ability class at Admiralty Primary School
  • MPA Maritime Ambassador (Youth)


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